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Utility Tractors

Utility Tractors for Large Acreage and Commercial Work

When you have larger acreage or commercial contract work, and you need a more powerful tractor that can handle heavy-duty applications, consider our lineup of utility tractors. The abilities of our 4WD heavy-duty utility tractors go far beyond the basics of mowing, plowing and tilling fields. Whether its heavy lifting, hay operations, livestock ranches, or commercial operations, we’ve got a utility tractor with the power, features and comfort to do the job.

So, if you need a workhorse tractor with power ranging from 47 to 97HP for farms typically over 30 acres, these are the models to take a hard look at. Check out the power, mobility, comfort, features, and lift capacities of each model to see which is right for you.

U-Series Utility Tractors – These rugged 4WD utility tractors are fully featured, comfortable, and prepared to tackle heavy duty tasks for small farms, commercial users, hay operations and much more. With engines ranging from 47 to 55 horsepower, these economically priced utility tractors have mastered the combination of power, mobility, and comfort.

K-Series Value Utility Tractors – Powerful yet fuel-efficient, the value priced K-Series models are available with 47HP and 55HP engines, offer a spacious flat platform and high lift capacities. There’s even a 55HP 2WD model for those who do not need 4WD.

XU-Series Tier 4 Utility Tractors - More power, more torque, less fuel consumption, less noise and less vibration – this is what the Tier 4 powered XU-Series delivers. These fully featured eco-friendly models use less fuel while still boasting the power of 55HP and 65HP engines.

P-Series Heavy-Duty Utility Tractors - Take comfort in getting the job done right with our P-Series tractors. These 4WD utility tractors feature our biggest horsepower engines, ranging from 72-97HP, designed to take on the heavy-duty tasks of medium-sized farms, hay operations and livestock ranches.

We invite you to compare the value of the total package you get with our utility tractors against other brands. We think you’ll see that when it comes to providing utility tractors with excellent value, honest pricing and exceptional service, LS Tractor excels.

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